Hexagon. Kross All Terrain Bikes.

If full-on mountain biking is not your thing, but you still require a bike that is at home on rough bike tracks as it is on the road, then Hexagon is the perfect choice. All terrain bikes are designed to be happy on roads, pavements and cycle tracks that are a little too rough for Hybrids. The wider mountain bike tyres grip off-road surfaces such as wet grass, dirt, woodland path and gritty tracks, which makes the Hexagon perfect for the many scenic cycleways around the UK. A little cliche but we can think of the Hexagons as Mountain Bike Lite. The frame strength is aimed at flat and rough off-road, but not for extreme mountain bike terrain such as downhill and rapid cross country. For these terrains choose the Level series hardtails or the Dust, Grist, Moon and Soil full suspension bikes. Hexagon 2 through Hexagon 7 feature 27.5″ wheels. Hexagon 4 through Hexagon 7 are also available as 29ers. Groupsets, frames and parts are the same in both wheel sizes. The advantage of a 29″ wheel is slightly faster road speed for energy input, and easier rolling over rough objects on the path, such as exposed tree roots, rocks and ruts.

As with all Kross bikes in series, each bike in ascending number has an upgrade in groupset, brake quality, wheel bearings, bottom bracket and other structural areas of the bike. For example, Hexagon 5 has a quality upgrade in its groupset, brakes and various functional areas of the bike compared to Hexagon 3. These upgrades can be seen in the specifications for each bike.


HEXAGON 2  27.5″   £369



HEXAGON 3  27.5″   £399



HEXAGON 4  27.5″ and 29er   £429



HEXAGON 5  27.5″ and 29er   £469



HEXAGON 6  27.5″ and 29er   £525



HEXAGON 7  27.5″ and 29er   £575




Here at Pedal Barn we are enthusiastic to say the least about the quality of Kross bikes. Please feel free to visit us at our Thrapston showroom, where we will be happy to explain in greater detail both the important features and the subtleties of the performance and quality of all Kross bikes. Kross also manufacture a full range of accessories, parts and cycle attire for all disciplines.

For prices and availability of all models or to book a test ride, please contact us here at Pedal Barn