Pedal Barn “formally Oundle Bikefix” are proud to offer a full range of the superb and unique Kross brand of bikes clothing and accessories. We wanted to offer a range of bikes that matches our quality standards and approach to modern cycling. There are a great many well-known brands that are popular for reasons other than quality manufacture and excellent value for money. Clever marketing is a powerful tool in the modern age but it doesn’t always help consumers in the way it’s meant to. The bikes we offer must satisfy the conditions of genuine quality of manufacture, attention to detail and importantly, within the hallowed ground of great value for money. The bikes we offer must be manufactured to include excellent frames, good quality wheels, hubs and tyres, brakes that inspire confidence and groupsets and bottom brackets that remain of high working order, even after thousands of miles.

The Kross range of road bikes, hybrids, mountain bikes and traditional bikes meet this standard. Kross are rather unique in today’s cycle market. Their home is a very large factory in Europe where their bikes are built and assembled. There are two main advantages to this situation.

1. Their quality control is amongst the highest in the industry. Rarely do we find any need to change or re-assemble these bikes on arrival. The factory sets them up correctly and they are checked properly. Believe it or not, this is very unusual for affordable bikes!

2. Kross have a particular philosophy regarding their bikes. There is a culture of pride of workmanship at the Kross factory. Each Vento road bike for example, is assembled from start to finish by one technician and one only. There is no production line mentality at the Kross factory, rather a craftsman signature mentality. This is key to quality control and is unique in the affordable bike market.

Kross is a Polish company and are well known in large areas of Europe. In recent years Kross have begun to be represented in the UK and Western Europe. There is now a small select group of Kross dealers in this country. We are proud to be among that small number. Kross as a company have a keen active involvement in the wider cycling culture with professional mountain bike and road racing teams that take part in many international competitions and events. Please visit their website at www.kross.pl/en

We invite those keen on bikes generally, and those interested in a new bike to visit us at our Thrapston showroom to view and try out Kross bikes. The kettle is always on here, we look forward to seeing you.