Kross Trans. Traditional Cycles Built to Last.


Kross Trans. Traditional frame design bikes for touring or general use. The quality of Trans bikes is higher than is commonly found with traditional bikes. The frames are robust, designed to carry weight if required. All Trans models have high quality Shimano gears and components designed to last. Trans 7.0 and 8.0 Ladies and Gents models feature disk brakes and all models have in-built front and rear lights, front fork shocks plus rear pannier racks. Trans 6.0 Ladies and Gents models feature the excellent Shimano Nexus hub gear system in place of the usual rear derailleur. Prices start at just £399 for the Trans 1.0 and range up to an affordable £770 for the Trans 8.0. Simply click on one of the bikes below to inspect the gears and brakes on each model.


Trans 8.0 Ladies     Trans 8.0 Gents     Trans 7.0 Ladies        Trans 7.0 Gents     Trans 6.0 Ladies     Trans 6.0 Gents     Trans 5 Ladies     Trans 5.0 Gents     Trans 4.0 Ladies     Trans 4.0 Gents     Trans 3.0 Ladies     Trans 3.0 Gents     Trans 1.0 Ladies     Trans 1.0 Gents


Here at Pedal Barn we are enthusiastic to say the least about the quality of Kross bikes. Please feel free to visit us at our Thrapston showroom, where we will be happy to explain in greater detail both the important features and the subtleties of the performance and quality of all Kross bikes. Kross also manufacture a full range of accessories, parts and cycle attire for all disciplines.

For prices and availability of all models or to book a test ride, please contact us here at Pedal Barn