Yukon. The titanium tourer that loves British weather……any British weather.

‘Add the practically maintenance-free Rohloff system to the Yukon for an everyday machine that will devour the miles in style and comfort. Select the unique VNT Rohloff handlebar for ultimate practicality.’  Van Nicholas 2018

Van Nicholas Yukon Rohloff.   Prices from £3419

The all-weather rapid lightweight titanium tourer that is designed for long periods of comfort, whether as a city bike, on tour around the countryside from B&B to B&B, or back-packed tent with panniers stuffed solid with clothing, footwear, food and provisions. The Yukon provides absolute freedom. No traffic jams, no fuel costs, no stress. Just fresh air, excercise and feeling good. Go wherever you desire at the pace you choose. The Van Nicholas titanium frame will never corrode and is specifically designed for maximum comfort on longer treks. The Yukon accepts all the useful Van Nicholas titanium accessories including a titanium pannier rack.


The unique high quality premium 14 gear Rohloff hub system delivers the smoothest possible power delivery. The purely instinctive gear changing using the Rohloff hub as opposed to the usual double chainring, rear mech and cassette means that for all day cycling, there is less to think about and more time enjoying the conditions and scenery. Choose the belt drive option for ultimate whisper-quiet power transmission. Whether you prefer drop handlebars or the luxury Van Nicholas titanium flat bar, all that changes is the gear shifters, the experience is the same.

Drive options

The Yukon Rohloff is available in a factory built model with your choice of two drives, chain drive and belt drive.

Yukon fitted with Rohloff 14 speed chain drive.  Front brake.  Rohloff hub and front chainring.

Yukon fitted with Rohloff 14 speed belt drive.  Front brake.  Rohloff hub and front chainring.